We are now proud to announce the release of Bolt-Cache

Designed and developed in-house, our new plugin has been built specifically to simplify the process of enabling high-performance server-side caching methods on your blog or websites. Enable native nginx, proxy cache and full-page caching (powered by Redis) in just seconds with our simple, easy to use interface in just seconds.

Performance doesn’t have to be complicated

Simple, intuitive interface
Bolt-Cache for cPanel is a 3 click process, allowing you to enable powerful, high performance caching methods and optimisations in just seconds.

Multi-Platform Support
Bespoke caching and performance tuning for today’s most popular platforms such as WordPress, WHMCS, Joomla and more. Want support for another platform? Get in touch!

Full-Page Caching
Our platform provides leading-edge performance out of the box, with our unique NGINX -> Litespeed API stack your site will be faster than ever before. Still not fast enough? Enable full-page caching or enable native NGINX and PHP-FPM to give your site that extra ‘boost’!

High Performance
Based on the worlds fastest web server, NGINX (pronounced ‘engine-x’) our caching plugin allows you to benefit from high-performance server-level tuning and caching methods with no complicated learning curve.

Supported Caching Methods

With true simplicity at its core, you are now able to turn on some of the most powerful server-level caching methods in just seconds…

Proxy Cache
proxy cache still allows full use of the .htaccess file and is therefore still ‘reverse proxied’ to Litespeed PHP. Enabling Proxy Cache enables caching your static resources, such as images, CSS, JS into the server memory, and works in a similar way to the CloudFlare CDN.

Native NGINX
Enabling this option will remove the use of Apache from your website, replacing it with native NGINX and PHP-FPM. This is known to be one of the fastest ways to serve PHP pages without the need for heavy server-side caching. Ideal for dynamic websites and WooCommerce.

Redis Cache (Full Page Cache)
Redis (or ‘Full Page Cache’) allows you to serve your website or blog to your visitors as though it were ‘static’. This is the fastest way to serve sites that are less frequently updated, as the entire contents are stored in memory. Caches are cleared every 10 minutes automatically.

Rocket NGINX
This option will enable the same features as provided by ‘Rocket Nginx’ which is an nginx set of directives designed to increase loading times for your WordPress website when using the WP Rocket plugin. WP Rocket requires a purchased licence (3rd Party Product).

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